Inmate Aid

Indigent Funds

The Foundation makes direct deposits to the Inmate Trust Fund in the name of qualified indigent inmates (usually $10) to enable them to purchase personal hygiene supplies (deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo etc.) which are not supplied by the prison.

EOS Packages

This program provides new clothing and shoes purchased to the inmate’s measurements. A box is provided to the indigent inmate on their EOS (end of sentence) date.

Fresh Start Program

This program is for ex-offenders who have no resources, have a reasonable chance of success on the outside, and are recommended to us for support. These former inmates receive funds and an EOS package to help them get started. Assistance sometimes includes finding housing when possible and payment of the first month's rent.

Family Assistance

On occasion, based on dire need, the Foundation has been able to provide for the needs of inmate spouses and children who were desperate and had no one to turn to.

Educational and Vocational

The Saint Dismas Foundation has paid education or training fees for worthy inmates who have a reasonable chance of success. The most frequent and beneficial programs have been the water treatment program through the University of California, pesticide and fertilizer application courses and college credit courses (correspondence).

All are without cost to the inmate student. With the permission of prison officials, we routinely supply Bibles religious DVD's and other religious materials to inmates through the Chapel.

Chapel full of inmates attended a sermon.