Prayer to St. Dismas
The Repentant Thief

Saint Dismas, you were closer to
Jesus in His agony on the cross, than
even His Beloved mother Mary . . .
Because of YOUR sincere and open
confession of your sins to Jesus,
as you hung beside Him on Calvary . . .
and because of your true sorrow
and repentance for them . . .
You alone, of all the great Penitent
Saints were directly canonized by Christ Himself;
and you were assured of a place in Heaven
with Him on that very day!! . . .

Good Saint Dismas, now in paradise
with the Lord , I ask you
to intercede for me this day,
as I express my sincere sorrow and repentance
for my sins. I ask the Lord to forgive
me and grant me the grace
of perseverance so that I will
never desert Him again . . .
and at the end of my life . . .
may I hear from Him
the same words that He spoke to you:
"This day you will be with Me in Paradise." —DLB

Three empty crosses standing in stark contrast to the dark orange sunset in the background.