Santa in Prison Program

A number of children in Florida areĀ filled with a sense of abandonment, loneliness, and shame through no fault of their own. It comes from having a Mom or Dad in prison.

Children with a parent in jail or prison are teased more often at school. Some internalize the stigma and experience lower self-esteem, especially if they identify with the incarcerated parent. Others may react with anger, defiance, and a desire for retaliation against those who reject and taunt them.

The Saint Dismas Prison Ministry Foundation has a program called SANTA IN PRISON. This program reaches out to the children of inmates who might not otherwise receive a gift at Christmas.

On Christmas morning, when children come to the prison to visit their fathers, he or she receives a Christmas gift personally, from Saint Dismas Board members or the prison Chaplains. Since 2006, Board members Deacon Don Battiston, and Deacon George Kinard and their wives, have distributed the gifts.

Massive jumble of toys in all different types of containers and bags delivered to a needy home. Bunch of toys filling up the back of a Uhaul van. Bunch of toys in the hallway of a home. Uhaul van filled with toys ready to make deliveries.